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Announcement of the QEHCF's new Chair of the Board

We are excited to announce that John Macdonald has recently been appointed as Chair of the QEHC Foundation’s Board of Directors. We would like to thank Nauzie Dibai for her years of support and commitment as Chair during a pivotal time. We are so fortunate to have such strong community leaders at the helm of our organization.

Thank you Nauzie and welcome John!

Meet the QEHC Foundation’s new chair John MacDonald, President and CEO of Robco. With a degree in Chemical Engineering and a Minor in Technological Entrepreneurship from McGill University, John is a purpose-driven and hands-on leader with strong technical and IT skills and extensive engineering experience. Throughout his 10-year tenure as President and CEO, John has driven innovation and productivity in the industrial manufacturing sector, allowing Robco to thrive and become an industry leader.


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